Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Second First Impressions by author Sally Thorne is a heartwarming romp of a contemporary romance that’ll give you a big warm hug and bring a smile to your face.

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This novel is a delightful slice of warm, indulgent romance, featuring a sexy and sociable male lead, endangered tortoises, meddling friends, a touch of family baggage, and of course, a female protagonist who has no idea just how much she has to offer. FYI: the male lead is sexy but not stuck brooding in his ever-mysterious feelings— which can be a bit of fresh air in the genre.

Every character in Sally Thorne’s little universe is a character, each one contributing a sparkling layer of quirkiness to the story. The humor is dry and witty, but appropriately so. The characters are far from shallow, but nothing here takes itself too seriously. And that’s a good thing! Ruthie’s shield of self-deprecating dialogue is just enough to get you feeling a kinship with her without outshining her character’s evolution throughout the story.

As for character development, Sally did a fantastic job painting each portrait and expanding characters as needed to drive the plot— highlighting relationships, feelings, and formative history without overwhelming the overall lighthearted romance vibe. As Ruthie fell for Teddy, I fell in love with this ragtag cast of characters, even dropping big ol’ emotional tears toward the end as secrets unfurled and liberating discoveries were made. 

A hand holds up the book Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne. A green leaf is being used as a bookmark. The background is a gray wall.

As you’re planning out your spring and summer To-Read lists, add Second First Impressions to your pile! I highly recommend this lovable contemporary romance to anyone who enjoys a loungey, leisurely love story with laughs and just enough back story and character development to keep it interesting.

Big thanks to the publisher, William Morrow, for gifting me a finished copy of this book to review!

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Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne

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Publication Date: April 13, 2021

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